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Come Outside Your Norm

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Sometimes from people or places you least expect. One of the things I encourage myself and others to do, is be more open minded, and do things outside of the norm. Life has more to offer, outside your norm.

While perusing Facebook the other day, I noticed a video clip that had the heading, "women's leadership summit." Being that I'm all for women empowerment, women inspiration, women encouragement, basically, anything that will help women leaders to be successful, I decided to take a look, and in the small 45 second clip, I was so inspired, that I went on a search to find the whole segment.

In my search, I found what seems to be an amazing event, just for women, hosted by KPMG Women's PGA (stands for Professional Golf Association) and KPMG Women's Leadership Summit. Because I'm not a golfer or never heard of KPMG, which is a huge corporation by the way, I would have never been interested in such a thing. However, my curiosity caused me to come outside of my normal interests, and I'm amazed at what I've been missing. There is this whole big world out there that provides all this inspiration and encouragement to women leaders. I'm not saying I want to play golf, but I am definitely going to be visiting this particular site more, to learn and to get inspiration.

I thought about just posting the 45 second clip, just to give you a taste of what I experienced, but instead, I want to provide for you the entire video segment. It is about 45 minutes long, but I believe you can really gain some great insight from it.

The video provided a sit down interview with Condoleezza Rice, 66th U.S. Secretary of State. Please know that this has absolutely nothing to do with politics, but everything to do with women leadership. If you can look at it as simply a tool for women leadership advancement and growth, I'm sure you will get some great take aways, as i did.

Here are my take aways:

1. Role models and mentors are important, but sometimes they don't look like you. They may not be the same sex or color as you, so don't close the door on where or who you can learn from.

2. Sometimes we don't choose our passions, but they often choose us. Your passion is your passion. Never be ashamed of it. Embrace it and walk in it.

3. One characteristic flaw can get in your way for advancement. Don't be so quick to blame others for why you are not advancing. At some point, you have to have a talk with yourself about you. What is your greatest flaws? Is it time management, being punctual and on time, dependability, etc? Figure it out; tackle and correct it. Ask yourself, "How can I become better in this area?

4. Maintain integrity. You can overcome making mistakes, but it's hard to overcome integrity flaws.

5. Don't beat up or put down those assigned to you and don't delegate and then do their job. These things promotes fear and hinders development in others.

6. Always have a few "truth tellers" in your corner. Those who will tell you the truth in love. And strive to be that person for others.

7. ***MY FAVORITE** Don't let somebody else's prejudice be your problem. It's ok if someone doesn't like or approve of you because of your color or sex, just don't let them run you off. You earned the right to be where you are!

8. Life has been training you for your current position. Things you have gone through, experiences you lived through, past jobs, etc. have been teaching you and preparing you for your now. Sometimes you don't become aware of what you possess, until a Challenging situation present itself. In other words, you're more prepared than what you know.


Pastor Clarissa

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