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Women Appointed to Lead in the Kingdom

Blessings Beautiful Woman of God!
My first year in ministry proved to be very challenging and often times I didn't have great support or many that could understand my struggles. I often had questions, but oftentimes never received the answers. I was often the encourager and inspirer, but didn't have many to encourage or inspire me. I sought help but found none. I joined other groups, but still didn't find what I was seeking or needing, so I understand where you might be. That my sister, is the reason WALK was birthed!
At the end of the day, I've learned so much, yet...I still have so much to learn, and I know I'm not the only one. So if you have the same experience, I welcome you with a great big warm embrace!


Empowering & Equipping women in ministry & leadership

The heart of WALK is about mentoring, helping and supporting other and future women in ministry and leadership.

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Just for you, the WALK group provides a safe place of encouragement, resources, ideas, prayer requests and laughs between women pastors and leaders. Join other women in ministry and leadership that have experienced or share your same struggles and challenges in your own personal WALK!


walk workshops

Pastor Clarissa Johnson is now offering Women in Leadership Workshops and Seminars. WALK workshops are designed to provide women in ministry with tools and encouragement as they endeavor to WALK in their calling.

Topics that are available are:

•I Am Not a Female Pastor
Learn how to walk in the position and not the gender.

•REady for Leadership
Every new level brings about new responsibilities. Are you REady?

•WALKing in Authority
Understanding Authority and How to Walk in it.

•And More

If you would be interested in hosting a WALK workshop, seminar or conference, or would like Pastor Clarissa to be a guest speaker for your event, use the contact us link to make your request.

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